Important Dates: June Shows, September Registrations & Summer dance camp

REGISTRATIONS  for Fall dance classes 2017:
We are accepting registrations now for September dance classes.
Please email: or phone 455-1321
All the rehearsals & performances below are located at Ste Communautaire Ste Anne
Sun May 28, 10:45-1:00pm
Stage rehearsal. No costumes, regular class dance wear.
Fri June 2, 4:00-6:30
Dress Rehearsal in costume, with hair done immaculately.
Sat June 3, 2:00 Performance.
All dancers arrive @1:30 in costume w/hair immaculate.
Sat June 3, 7:00 Performance.
All dancers arrive @6:30 in costume w/hair immaculate.
Please send your child w/a quiet activity, a water bottle & a light,dry snack.
open to all dancers 9+yrs in the Fredericton community.
July 10-14
Artemis Dance Studio in The Charlotte St Arts Centre
9+yrs(chn turning 9 this calendar year) w/minimum 2yrs recent dance experience
$200 To register or tel 455-1321
Space is limited so register now!

Figures in Flight

This documentary aired this morning on The Sunday Edition on CBC. Susan Slotnick, a 68-year old dancer from New York State, has been teaching dance to inmates at the Woodbourne Correctional Facility for the last seven years. This is a moving documentary (pardon the pun) that brings the transformative power of dance into focus. You can listen to the entire documentary here.

Photo by David Gupnick.

Figures in flight by David Gupnick