Xmas Performances and tickets

Christmas Show Tickets: We will be holding a “Silent Auction” for the front row of each of the three shows. There are 16 tickets available for each show. The front row will be sold in three blocks of 4tcts & two blocks of 2tcks. Bid sheets @ the dance studio.
Friday Nov 15th, All tickets go on sale & will be available for purchase online and at the dance studio. Adults $15 Students $10  Limited seating!
Performance Schedule:
Fri Dec 6, 4:15-6:00pm Dress Rehearsal, Dancers wear their class uniform, hair done.
Sat Dec 7, 2:00pm Performance. Dancers arrive 1:30 in class uniform, hair done.
Sat Dec 7, 6:30pm Performance, Dancers arrive 6:00 in class uniform, hair done
Sun Dec 8, 2:00pm Performance, Dancers arrive 1:30 in class uniform, hair done.
Dancers must attend all the rehearsals and performances.

Beautiful connections through dance

Mouvement de passage, extraits de 2018 from Ariane Boulet on Vimeo.

This project was piloted in 2016 to provide contact and connection with elderly patients living in care residencies in Montreal. Many of them have lost their ability to communicate, but eyes brighten and connections are made through dance and music. Hats off to founder Ariane Boulet and the dancers and musicians who continue this beautiful undertaking.