“Alice” 2010

“Alice” 2010
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Xmas Performances and tickets

Christmas Show Tickets: All remaining tickets can be purchased at the end of Dress Rehearsal Friday or at the door before the shows. Adults $15 Students $10  Limited seating!
Online ticket purchases are finished as is the Silent Auction. We will email the successful ticket holders for the Auction.

Performance Schedule: Please be on time.
Fri Dec 6, 4:15-6:00pm Dress Rehearsal, Dancers wear their class uniform, hair done.
Sat Dec 7, 2:00pm Performance. Dancers arrive 1:30 in class uniform, hair done.
Sat Dec 7, 6:30pm Performance, Dancers arrive 6:00 in class uniform, hair done
Sun Dec 8, 2:00pm Performance, Dancers arrive 1:30 in class uniform, hair done.
Dancers must attend all the rehearsals and performances.

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