Schedule and Fees

Studio opens Fall 2021: Tues Sept 7th
                                         Creative Dance begins Sat Sept 18th
Junior Lyrical : students must also be enrolled in a ballet or jazz class.
Senior Lyrical :
students must also be enrolled in a ballet class.
Advanced Lyrical:
students must also be enrolled in a ballet class.
Advanced Jazz:
students must also be enrolled in a ballet class.
Jr Co:
dancers must be registered in a min of two classes/wk one of which is ballet.
Sr Co: admittance is by invitation only.

*All fees include the costume fee for the June recital.
Class fees may be paid in full or divided into two equal payments due Sept 01 & Feb 01

5:30-6:30      Urban Dance, 7-11yrs                                            Full year fee $560
4:30-6:00     Ballet 4 & Pointe                                                      Full year fee $760
6:00-8:00     Ballet 6 & Pointe                                                      Full year fee $960
3:15-4:00      Primary Ballet                                                         Full year fee $460
5:00-6:00      Jazz 1                                                                     Full year fee $560
6:15-7:30      Jazz 2                                                                     Full year fee $660
7:30-9:00      Advanced Jazz                                                       Full year fee $760
4:15-5:15      Ballet 2                                                                   Full year fee $560
5:15-6:45      Ballet 4 & Pointe                                                     Full year fee $760
7:00-9:00      Ballet 6 & Pointe                                                     Full year fee $960

5:00-7:30      Artemis Dance Senior Company                             Full year fee $560
9:00-9:30       Creative Dance                                                     $115 per 10 wk session
9:30-10:00     Creative Dance                                                     $115 per 10 wk session
10:15-11:00   Primary Ballet                                                       Full year fee $460
11:00-11:45    Ballet 1A                                                             Full year fee $460
11:45-12:30    Ballet 1B                                                             Full year fee $460
12:45-2:15      Ballet 4 & Demi-pointe                                        Full year fee $760
10:30-12:00 Advanced Lyrical                                                     Full year fee $760
12:00-1:30  Senior Lyrical 12+yrs                                                Full year fee $760
1:30-2:30    Junior Lyrical 9+yrs                                                  Full year fee $560
2:45-4:00   Artemis Dance Junior Company                                Full year fee $360
Refund Policy
Artemis Dance Studio offers a one week grace period at the beginning of Term 1. Students withdrawing from the program during the week will receive a full refund less a $50 non-refundable deposit. After this grace period refunds will not be issued. If a student withdraws following the start of the 2nd term refunds will not be issued.
*Should the NB Government require us to close our facility due to Covid-19, classes will switch to online learning and refunds will not be issued.